Moving and celebrating Christmas in your new home

It’s November and many excited clients are speaking with us about the possibility of moving and settling in before Christmas. Is it too late?

Will you have time to organise the traditional family get together and other end-of-year festivities in your new abode?

Is there really time to pack, clean, move, unpack, decorate and attend all the social occasions you and your family would normally attend, let alone entertain in your new home and actually enjoy yourself? Is it crazy to even consider attempting any of this with so much other stuff going on? There’s the school Christmas concert, the office Christmas party, Christmas drinks with friends, Christmas shopping, writing of Christmas cards and maybe even a short summer getaway on top of moving house?

We get it. Of course you want to celebrate Christmas in your new castle.

Good times ahead. It is possible!!! Here's how...

Book tradies NOW!!!

This is really important. And yes, call NOW. Pick up the phone and dial that number NOW to avoid disappointment.

Did we emphasise NOW enough?

If you would like your preferred removalist to move your treasure, don’t leave this phone call for another day. Most good removalists will be booked out mid-late November so if you want to attempt settling in before Christmas then you need to book your favourite removalist now. Be sure to clearly tell them of your expectations. Discuss what you have planned and what you would like to happen and by when. All smooth moves are made when there are no surprises in store. And if your new home needs any repair work or decorating, don't forget to book other tradies well in advance too. Again have clear expectations and deadlines – like the rest of us, they too like to take an extended break over Christmas.

Consider our pack, move, unpack service

We've already touched on the fact that you will have less time than usual on your hands, so consider investing in our pack, move and unpack service and have professionals do the moving as well as the time consuming tasks of packing and unpacking. This will save time leaving you free to finish the Christmas shopping, take the kids to have their annual Santa photo taken as well as plan and prepare for that special Christmas dinner celebration. Hey, you might even find time to attend Carols in the Domain!

Got renovations planned?

Have you already organised some renovation work that needs to take place over November and December and need professionals to move some items into storage or another area of your home whilst renovations are being carried out? Again, book your preferred removalist today to avoid disappointment - even small jobs are hard to squeeze in during this busy time of year.

Organisation is key

We've heard it all before - a thousand times - about moving being the most stressful thing you can do and it's smoother if you are organised (can you feel the stress levels rising already?). At this time of year, you also need to consider public holidays when reconnecting utilities and other similar important tasks. So, yes you need to be ultra-organised. Sorry!

Start a Christmas box

When moving it's easy for certain special items like the family's Christmas heirloom to be misplaced, or the invitations having been packed in the wrong box marked... umm... which box did you pack those in? Why not start a Christmas box? A box that will contain anything important and related to upcoming events, schooling, work, Christmas stockings, the gingerbread treats you baked for the reindeers, holiday itineraries and the like. Be sure to even include some tinsel and fairy lights to make your new home feel more like home. This specially marked 'Christmas' box will ensure that the silly season will not get even more silly!

Special consideration of pets

And finally, your precious pets. Don't forget to go to extra lengths to keep them safe and happy. Keep them indoors and for longer than normally recommended when moving so close to Christmas. It will take your pets longer to adjust and settle in as their family will be busier than usual, and there will be many evenings of loud fireworks and festive fanfare over this period.

Most importantly…don’t forget to pop that bottle of bubbly and sit back and enjoy your new surrounds and Christmas in your new castle.

Deck the halls with a Frog-like HO HO HO,

Vesna & Danny.