The year that was


With the start of a new year, we naturally look back at the previous year which was 2018 with fond Frog memories and also acknowledge some awesome milestones. We look forward to exciting times ahead - a promising year in Sydney removals and our twelfth year in business. It makes us so very happy. We love our small business which is not only made up of boxes, trucks and muscles, but also lots of blood, sweat and tears. Oh, and laughs. Lots of laughs.

Blood, Sweat and Tears…sometimes all rolled into one

Let’s start with this memory. When Danny The Frog decided to make everyone squeamish with his Facebook post graphically showing his finger being cut to the bone. It happened in the middle of a job as he was sweeping out the back of the truck with a broom when the metal handle broke and cut him. He soldiered on after applying a bandaid and lots of brown packing tape (as you do!) to get the job done. Ouch!

We discover the tiniest house we’ve ever come across in Redfern. A small one bedroom semi with an outdoor toilet. It was simply cute and tiny!

April marked a three year anniversary/partnership with our largest commercial client Housing NSW. We really enjoy working with the team there. Such great people.

We can not deny the weather extremes we endured in 2018. The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that 2018 was the third hottest year on record. We sure felt it. There was plenty of sweat. Mother Nature had a good work out too in June when we were hit with an entire week of non-stop heavy rain. This did not stop us though, and we successfully managed to complete all our bookings during this week of torrential rain.

In June we completed a large domestic move to Melbourne. It was one of many trips to Melbourne in 2018. We love the interstate moves, the long drives, even longer days and the sleepy country towns we get to visit and stay in overnight. This year we saw the most clients we’ve seen yet making their big sea-change or tree-change. These brave individuals, couples and families made lifestyle moves to amazing places like Picton, Bowral, Jervis Bay, Bungendore, Queanbeyan, Gundagai, Mittagong, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Wollongong, Way Way, Orange, Armidale, Uralla, Grafton, Tamworth, The Hawkesbury and the glorious Blue Mountains. And we got to experience it too!
We can’t forget transporting Dr Who’s Tardis to Mittagong for repairs either. Never a dull moment in Sydney removals land.

We venture north to Surfers Paradise, Queensland, and move our client into Q1 - the tallest building in that region yet. And there sure are a few!

One of the most interesting removals we’ve undertaken occurred in August when we relocated many old gramophones (happy frog dance!).
We also completed another interesting move this month to Lovett Bay where we moved barge loads of household furniture on the Hawkesbury River to its final destination; a lovely house nestled among trees on a beautiful island. Plenty of technical expertise was required on this move.

Normally we associate September with Spring’s warmer days and the smell it brings to our gardens, but instead it snowed in Sydney. Well, it appeared that way when we endured a heavy hailstorm which blanketed many inner west suburbs so thickly it truly looked like it had snowed. Such a treat!

October marked our 11th birthday. As well as that office move of a leading lolly manufacturer, and the 4 Frogmen sugar rush that ensued, as well as the ‘Willy Wonky’ video of the lolly warehouse we posted on Facebook.
October gifted us with our highest monthly sales since the history of Frog so we decided to gift the truck with a new exhaust. Happy truck.

From snow the previous month to one mammoth dust storm this month. Who can forget the dust which blanketed Sydney? We remember moving our clients in Lewisham which thankfully wasn’t an extremely long day so we got to escape some of the dust storm.

Our final job for 2018 was interesting indeed. We moved a challenging Japanese modern art piece and although it nearly beat us, we Frogs ended up beating it. The art piece was based on the Kintsugi fashion (a Japanese method of fixing ceramics in either gold, silver or platinum).

2018 was not without tears unfortunately. We remember some amazing people we lost including our magicIAN whom we had the honour of knowing for over 15 years, and who successfully repaired our sore and tired bodies with his magic wand on a regular basis as our remedial masseuse. MagicIAN had also became one of our closest friends. To say we still miss him is an understatement.

Thank you
To our main offsider Duff. Our main man has been our number one for the longest period of time since we took over Frog Removals 11 years ago. Thank you Duff for your contribution every single day. Not only are you the most amazing offsider, and nicest guy, you are also the most reliable and that’s pretty big in our industry. Nothing is ever too hard and Duff still manages to have fun. And thank you to the rest of our amazing team. You make us stand out from the pack and we really appreciate it.

Thanks to our wonderful clients who enjoy having fun with us. Who said moving can’t be fun?

They say ‘never look back’. So let’s look forward. Hello 2019.

Best wishes for the new year Frog-folks,
Danny & Vesna.