Why are Frog's services better than moving by yourself?


Have you ever seen the bumper sticker ‘Yes it’s my ute. No, I’m not helping you move’? It makes us chuckle. We understand why you might think moving yourself is cheaper. But have you considered the true cost?

We all know that moving is pain staking work, especially if it’s not something your body is used to. Moving yourself can cause injury and the pain of moving can physically last weeks. It can also break friendships (particularly with those friends who own utes), as well as your most valued possessions if you are unlucky enough. All these scenarios add to the cost of you moving yourself ‘cheaply’.

If you are considering relocating within Sydney, elsewhere in New South Wales, or to another part of the country, Frog Furniture Removals offer exceptional removal services which will not only ensure for a smoother relocation, but a significantly cheaper move; particularly when you consider the true cost of lost friendships, replacing broken items and ongoing therapeutic massage sessions.

Let the professionals look after you with Frog’s full moving service…

Packing can be a lengthy process if you undertake the process yourself, but when you have a team of skilled removalists, it becomes a breeze. Being one of the best Sydney furniture removalists around, we wrap and protect each individual item appropriately, and we always arrive with all the packing materials required to ensure your items are relocated safely. Our systematic approach allows us to get your move done quickly and with ease. We also offer a full unpacking service. Busy families really appreciate the fast, no-nonsense, move-out and move-in approach.

Porta-robes are supplied on each and every one of our moves, so there’s no need to pack your hanging clothes. We manage this for you and not only save you the cost of such packing materials, but the time it takes to pack your wardrobe, and the ironing time as well.

Our truck is one of the larger removal vehicles on the road and this enables us to move large loads in a single trip, rather than ute load after ute load, which can easily go on for three days when it’s just you and your ‘best’ mate.

There is no end to the type of items we move too. Pianos, antiques, artwork, gym equipment, play equipment, pots and outdoor furniture including trampolines are an everyday occurrence for us. Being masters of spatial engineering, anything that doesn’t fit through a door will make it to it’s final destination in some way - even if it means going over a balcony.

We also quickly disassemble furniture such as beds and reassemble at the ‘other side’ as part of the service. This saves you many hours and much frustration. Our clients also love how we plumb-in their whitegoods and install their home entertainment system. It really is a full moving service we offer!

Frog Furniture Removals have been around for a long time. We’ve seen it all! This enables us to offer you unlimited advice on the entire moving process, including storage and moving your pets safely. Let us help you estimate your budget beforehand by getting a quotation from us with just one click. We can discuss your exact moving requirements like access to premises, settlement issues, special items that may need some extra TLC, and provide you with our best rates every time.

We’ve operated our business for more than 10 years in Sydney and have helped thousands of households move in areas such as the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, The Forest, the Hills District, Canterbury-Bankstown, St George and Macarthur. We regularly relocate many clients to The Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Canberra too. If an interstate move is on the cards, we can assist with this too.

You will find us unfailingly polite, professional as well as humorous, because we don’t believe that hard work means you can’t have fun at the same time. We are ready to make your move personalised and completed with total ease. So when you think of furniture removals in Sydney, contact us when you are ready.

Unless you really want to lose a friend who owns a ute… then don’t call us!!!

Happy moving,
Danny & Vesna.