It's a girl!

Julie is our most recent addition to the Frog crew. We guess it’s only natural to want to know what makes a beautiful young woman want to be a furniture removalist in a city like Sydney. Well, here are the answers you’ve been looking for.

Julie is our third man. That’s her official job title in the removals industry, and we have to change that pronto. But what to call her? The equivalent is third woman but it just doesn’t sound right. We are open to suggestions so if you have any good ideas as to what Julie’s job title should be, please email us

We all know Danny the owner of Frog Furniture Removals. Danny drives the Frog truck you see around town. The one with the big Kermit hanging from the front grill. Josh is our offsider who goes out daily with Danny. Julie is the one we call in on jobs that require more than two relocation experts (we can’t say two men here). And yes, she really does lift heavy boxes and big furniture items as well. Julie gets in on the action and isn’t dumped with the packing jobs where no muscle’s required. She really is part of the crew. And there’s no gender inequality here. Julie gets the same rate of pay as any other third man we’ve had working at Frog!

 Here is a bit about Julie and what makes her Frog-a-licious…

Name: Julie B
Age: 35
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Brown
Star sign: Taurus
Favourite foods: Italian, Yum Cha, dumplings
Favourite drinks: Vodka and cab sav
Lives in: Leichhardt, NSW
Lives with: Polly her pet ferret
Relationships: Previously married and now has an awesome boyfriend in Wade
Hobbies: Goes to the gym, enjoys photography, reading, socialising, psychology & philosophy
Things that make her frog-leap in joy: Meeting honest folk
Things that make her croak: Sydney’s traffic
Education: Diploma in Management, Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management
Past jobs: Appears to be a jack of all trades and has 20 years experience in sales, business development and customer service. Was also part owner of a delivery and assembly business for seven years (namely A BBQ Service). After her divorce, Julie tried her hand at concreting and formwork for a year then began her own lawn mowing business. She has also worked for The Department of Community Services and has extensive experience in law across a number of different fields. Wow!
Why furniture removals: Loves the physical and mental challenges faced with furniture removals as every move is so different. Also loves the fact it keeps her fit and she gets to meet new people every day. In addition, Julie states in her interview that she has an awesome boss named Danny and an awesome co-worker named Josh. Awww…she loves us too!
Future work plans: To continue to work with the Frog family for a very long time.

Julie is obviously a confident woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid of what people think. Just how we like ‘em!

Here at Frog Removals we are so proud to have Julie join our team. We are proud to boast that we have had such a wide variety of great people who have worked for us over the years. Accountants, lawyers, marketers, actors, landscape gardeners, artists and geologists just to name a few. We think this is one of our unique differentiators in the furniture removals industry and why our clients love working with us. There’s no reason why a furniture removalist can’t be educated, honest, thought-provoking and creative – and still manage to safely move a baby grand piano or a 500kg marble table top. Heck, you can even be a woman!

Great crew. Great clients. Does it get any better?

Until next time and many happy moves later,

Danny & Vesna.