Welcome to our first ever FrogBlog!

OK, so it’s taken us almost 18 years to get blogging, be-friend social media and get the business online. Why so long? Frog Furniture Removals was established in 1997. That makes us a little bit ‘old’ for a small business (the RBA state that small business exit rates are approximately 15-20% each year so we know we’ve been doing something right).

Back in 2007, Danny and Vesna bought the Frog business off a Frenchman and his wife – that’s why we are Frog Furniture Removals you see – who were living in The Blue Mountains at the time while Danny and Vesna were pregnant with baby #1. The opportunity arose as Danny used to work for the original Froggy (the Frenchman) and he asked Danny to buy the business as he had never met anyone apart from Danny that could keep running Frog Removals to the highest degree.

Our idea was to have a small business, work from home and enjoy flexible work hours so we could be around for our kids when they needed us. And oh boy we were right! It’s not unusual to work all round the clock 7 days a week right? Is it? That’s being flexible for you.

The first thing we did with Frog was to create a website. However, it still took us 7 years to embrace social media. Mainly because our business was thriving off referrals. There was no need for us to work on our profile, advertise nor actively seek work. We just ensured our clients got the best move possible and enjoyed their day with us. In turn, they became our advertising machines by telling their friends and families about how good we are.

However, recent years have seen too many ups and downs with the economy so we bit-the-bullet and opened our arms to Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. And now, our FrogBlog.

Danny has been a removalist for a little over 20 years for some of the best removalist companies in Sydney and Melbourne. Vesna’s background (she calls it her past-life) is made up of advertising, marketing and publishing. A great mix for running a small business from home.

Danny is crazy enough to battle Sydney’s traffic for up to 3 hours a day in a 10 tonne truck while moving big heavy pieces for 12 hours or more non-stop. Not to mention having to convince parking officers that they may need to move house one day, and what would they expect their removalist to do? Carry their fridge from almost a suburb away so the removalist can legally park their truck? Hmmm perhaps that’s the subject of another blog! While Vesna is crazy enough to attempt phone calls, precise gst reporting amongst other admin tasks whilst breastfeeding at the same time, or having a toddler climbing the fireplace in the background like it was a palm tree. Believe it or not… we love it. It’s just the way we are wired!

So what can you expect from a FrogBlog?

Interesting tid-bits about the moves we do, news about our tadpoles (crew) and excellent advice and tips for move day. Be sure to catch FrogBlog #2. It’s all about our newest tadpole Julie. Probably not Australia’s first female removalist but can’t be far from it.

Removalists don’t have to be big, beefy and blokey. Danny is another perfect example. A little like amphibians; whose eyes come in all different shapes and colours. Did you know some can even have heart shaped pupils? Not much different to our clients’ eyes when they first see Julie!!!

Until next time and many happy moves later,

Danny & Vesna.