How to choose a professional removalist


Over a quick phone call, you will be able to judge if the removalist company you are speaking with are professional, will meet your expectations, and suit your type of move. Follow these tips, listen to your instincts, and you can feel comfortable knowing you are moving with a reputable Sydney removalist.

The three keys to choosing the right Sydney removalist

Key #1. Ask for referrals
All professional businesses have a great referral base. Their clients rave about them. People like to share their positive experiences. Before you Google “Removals Sydney”, ask your friends, family members and work colleagues first. If someone you know has had a wonderful and smooth moving experience, they will know the business name off the top of their heads, will most likely have their phone number saved on their phone, and be able to tell you what the removalist company did that was so phenomenal that it made moving a piece of cake. Once you have that referral, then Google away. Find their website and investigate further. Cross check that their site reflects what you have heard. If you desire, you can also look at the removalist’s social media accounts and their online reviews, but don’t be swayed by 5 star reviews that sound like they’ve been written by a paid copywriter (hint: usually all the reviews have the same tone and won’t sound like a genuine thank you). Don’t be put off by the odd 1 star review either. Some people exclude the most important details (hint: the real story).

Key #2. First impressions
Now that you have completed your background research, it’s time to do the first date. So, pick up the phone and call them. Don’t send an email. You may not get an accurate picture of what they can offer you through an email, nor will you get all your questions answered. Over the phone, you will be able to immediately get a feel for their attitude and professionalism. Were they polite and cheery, or did they grunt when they picked up the phone? Were they happy to spend time with you and answer all your questions, as well as pass on loads of advice and guidance around the logistics of your move? Did they make you feel at ease and comfortable, or were they pressuring you to make a booking? If the first date goes well and you are feeling comfortable about moving with them, it’s time to consider getting more serious!

Key #3. The commitment
OK. You like what you heard over the first phone call and you’ve considered if they are the right movers for you. Everything is going well and you have a positive feeling about booking your move with them. It’s then time to make the second phone call and double check that your first impression was a true reflection of how the removalist operates. Pick up the phone again and also make sure you discuss the following:

  • Confirm rates including any hidden charges (like travel time, weekend rates etc)

  • Confirm their availability and coverage

  • Confirm terms of payment- do they offer EFTPOS and are there any credit card fees?

  • Are they insured? And what insurances do they offer? Are you covered for all scenarios in and out of the truck?

  • If you are moving into a complex or high rise, ask what you will need to organise with your building manager regarding loading docks and booking lifts

  • If it’s a large move or you have difficult access, do you need to organise a site visit with the removalist so there are no surprises on the big day?

  • Discuss any other important aspects like moving your pets safely, moving valuables like artworks and antiques so your removalist comes well prepared on the day

If after the second phone call everything has been happily and openly discussed, and you feel like you’re in good hands, then go ahead and book your move. But don’t delay - as professionals are generally fully booked at least two weeks in advance. And when move day comes around, feel secure in the knowledge that you did all the background work possible to allow for a drama-free move. Booking a professional will save you money and a lot of stress. Sit back, let the professionals take the lead, and you can begin to unlock your new place after following the three keys to moving with the right removalist.

Happy moving,
Vesna & Danny.